Trump Accuses Pfizer, The FDA and Polling Firms Of Engaging In Election Interference

In an unhinged Twitter meltdown on Monday night, Donald Trump – the outgoing president – accused Pfizer, the FDA and multiple pollsters of engaging in election interference.

Trump called out Fox News, Quinnipiac University and other organizations for releasing polls showing him losing to Joe Biden, calling it “election interference.”

“It really is tampering with an Election,” Trump whined, “They should be called out for Election Interference.”

In another Twitter blast, Trump said Pfizer and the FDA intentionally withheld news about a potential vaccine until after the election so they could help Biden.

“As I have long said, [Pfizer] and the others would only announce a Vaccine after the Election, because they didn’t have the courage to do it before,” the one-term president said.

He even went a step further and suggested the FDA and Democrats were conspiring to make sure he didn’t get a “Vaccine WIN” before last week’s election.

Pathetic, even by Trump’s low standards

The American people have learned enough about Donald Trump over the past four years to understand that there is no bottom when it comes to his behavior.

But since it became clear that he would decisively lose to Joe Biden, his conduct has been particularly pathetic, even by his already-low standards.

Trump can whine all he wants, but he didn’t lose this election because of polls that showed him behind or because Pfizer and FDA were conspiring against him.

Donald Trump lost because a historic number of Americans turned out to say they’ve had enough of his incompetence, indecency and corruption.

Whether he accepts it or not isn’t relevant, because he will be leaving the White House on Jan. 20, 2021.

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