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Trump Faces Criminal Investigation And Lawsuits As Soon As He Leaves Office

Last updated on July 18th, 2023 at 12:21 pm

Trump will be facing at least one criminal investigation and multiple lawsuits after he no longer has the presidency to shield him.


CNN listed some of the legal trouble that Trump is facing:

The president has been able to use his position to delay multiple investigations and lawsuits and that will go away come the end of January when Joe Biden is sworn into office. The most serious of them is the criminal investigation by the Manhattan District Attorney Office, said it is a broad investigation, could involve from tax fraud to insurance fraud. That case is delayed because of a fight over a subpoena for the president’s tax returns. We expect a decision on that any day now by the Supreme Court.

But that’s not the only one. The New York Attorney General’s office is also investigating a civil investigation into the Trump Organization, looking at whether they improperly inflated the value of certain assets, certain properties they’re digging into.

The attorney generals for Washington, D.C. And Maryland sued over the emoluments issue. And that lawsuit has been on hold. 30 subpoenas held up because the president is in office. Come January, those subpoenas will be able to be sent. And civil audit by the IRS. The New York Times reported that the IRS is looking into a nearly $73 million tax refund the president has taken. That’s a civil audit. At this point, if the IRS were to find against the president, could result in fines reaching more than $100 million, but there’s always a possibility it could be referred to the Department of Justice if the IRS believes that there was some kind of criminal wrongdoing.

But there are a number of other lawsuits ongoing that relate to the president’s personal conduct. He has two defamation lawsuits, one brought by E. Jean Carol, who alleged he raped her in a New York store dressing room in the ’90s. Trump tried to get the DOJ involved but a judge in New York rejected that. That lawsuit will continue, they’re seeking the president’s DNA. Also a lawsuit by someone on The Apprentice, she alleged the president sexually assaulted her. She has a defamation case ongoing. And there’s also a lawsuit by the president’s niece, Mary Trump.

Trump isn’t going to be able to hide behind the presidency anymore, and if the Manhattan D.A. criminally charges him, his family and his business, other states and cities could quickly follow. Winning the presidency exposed all of Trump‘s darkest secrets and potentially criminal activity.

Donald Trump didn’t just lose an election. He also destroyed his business and set himself and his family up for potential felony convictions.

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