Donald Trump Won’t Go Silently From The White House, But Go He Will

The following is an editorial by PoliticusUSA EIC Sarah Jones.

It is often observed that it is upon breaking up with someone that you learn of their true character. And so it is, America, that we are about to learn even more about Donald Trump.

This Donald Trump – who is holding America hostage by refusing President Elect Joe Biden the access and funding he needs to be prepared to defend this country – this is just his first move.

After all, harming America when they lose an election isn’t new for the Republicans, even though the press is pretending like it is. Senator Mitch McConnell paved this path in 2009, plotting how to obstruct every single thing President Barack Obama did before he even took office. Out of spite. Out of an inability to accept the duty to work with the opposition to strengthen this country.

McConnell continued his assault all through Trump‘s four-year attack on democracy, and he’s back at it again plotting to undermine Biden in his position as the senate gatekeeper.

If the press had called out McConnell‘s behavior for what it was back then instead of he said/she saiding themselves into accomplices of his heist, we probably wouldn’t be here right now.

But we are here, and everyone needs to buckle up. You see, the point of Trump‘s behavior right now – the fear he’s trying to instill in you, the doubt he’s casting over our legitimate and resounding rejection of him in an electoral process that has made us the envy of countries around the world – this is all meant to get you to back down.

This is the beginning of the real abuse, the purpose of which is to control you. To control your thoughts and behaviors and get you to back down because you can’t stand Trump‘s behavior.

But we will not do that. Joe Biden won this election fair and square. The election was clean, other than the Republican voter fraud and Republican attempts to intimidate, harass, and create election fraud via undermining the U.S.P.S. If anything, those attacks on the election only strengthen Biden‘s lead.

For reference, on Monday Joe Biden led by a combined 277,436 votes across several states, and yet Republicans are insisting it’s not over. The “f*ck your feelings” crowd now say we need to give Trump time to get over his hurt. He needs time to face reality, they tell us.

But in 2000, George W Bush took Florida to win the entire election with a mere 537 votes.

You can see how absurd this catering to Republican attacks on our election are. Their behavior now nearing closer to sedition as they refuse to acknowledge an election over excuses that didn’t even fly when Rudy Giuliani pressed his case across from the porn shop at Four Seasons Total Landscaping.

It’s all over but the shouting and the shouting is going to be ugly and if it’s ignored, it will get threatening. Republicans are basically a two year old having a tantrum, holding the country they swore to protect hostage for the feelings of a man who didn’t even show up to do the actual job of president one single day.

They will rant, open baseless “probes,” throw themselves all over Fox News tossing (literal? it seems so) crap at the wall hoping it will enrage their base enough to turn out to vote in Georgia in the runoff so McConnell can keep his death grip on the country and make sure none of us have affordable healthcare.

Republicans have taken their usual level of pearl-clutching hysteria to new heights to appease this “president,” and as of yet, they are still getting away with it due to a press that is far too often incapable of being rude enough to say the actual truth to their faces.

Donald Trump is showing you why you broke up with him. This is the part where he reminds you of every horrible thing he did while president, and then you realize on an even deeper level that it wasn’t a misunderstanding or an ideological disagreement; he actually doesn’t care about this country even a little bit.

Trump will empty the bank accounts and hide all of the assets while leaving the country vulnerable to attack from hostile powers because Republicans let him. We will need to be alert at every turn to shut down the false allegations and continue to assert the fact that Joe Biden won and a peaceful transition of power is happening, whether Trump and Republicans feel okay about it or not.

Donald Trump and Republicans are holding the United States hostage, putting it into literal danger, and that is nothing new for them. This is the party they have become – unwilling to accept defeat, unable to govern democratically, an assault on and a threat to democracy.

Just remember, this same Donald Trump using the DoJ as a mafia hit man is also the man whose legal team booked the Four Seasons Total Landscaping parking lot to push their baseless claims of election problems and even the witnesses they brought didn’t manage to make any actual claims of fraud.

All of the real lawyers have fled. Trump is being propped up by Rudy Giuliani, who has a lot at stake personally, Bill Barr, whose critical failures under this president are so momentous they will hog up warning spots in history books for centuries to come, and his usual entourage of elected Republicans whose patriotism was long ago eclipsed by their fear of this president.

Trump has always operated beneath the blustery cloak of pretend wealth combined with ruthless thuggery but underneath it all he’s an older man in poor health, facing likely criminal probes, huge debt, and potentially $100 million in IRS fines when he leaves office. This is his first real go at reality as an adult, and he’s way too emotionally incapable of making this transition. It won’t be easy for him.

Of course, Trump isn’t going to go silently. But go he will.