Trump Is No Longer Participating In Work-Related Tasks As He Tries To Overturn Election Loss

Following his humiliating defeat to Joe Biden in last week’s presidential election, Donald Trump is no longer even pretending to put in an honest day’s work – not that he previously was.

According to Jonathan Lemire of the Associated Press, Trump is devoting all of his time in the White House to trying to overturn the results of an election that he clearly lost.

“While this is happening, it should be noted the president’s not really doing his day job,” Lemire noted, saying that Trump has been blowing off intelligence briefings and coronavirus task force meetings over the past several months.


Lemire reported:

This isn’t 2000 in Florida where it’s one state and a few hundred votes. It’s thousands of votes, sometimes tens of thousands of votes, across several states. Even if he was to win one court case, it wouldn’t be nearly enough to overturn the result of the overall election. And while this is happening, Joy, it should be noted the president is not really doing his day job. It’s been more than a month since his schedule has advised that he’s received a daily intelligence briefing. There hasn’t been a read out of a foreign leader call in weeks. He has not participated in a coronavirus task force meeting in well more than a month, if almost two. And outside of ousting the secretary of defense yesterday and some other aides, he isn’t really governing this country. He isn’t leading this White House at a time when the coronavirus pandemic is surging out of control to record and extremely dangerous levels.

Trump has no interest in governing this country

Donald Trump spent much of the 2020 campaign trying to sow doubt in the election process. It was his way of preemptively making excuses for a loss to Joe Biden.

Now that he did lose the election, he has shifted all of his energy to pushing false claims of voter fraud and ballot tampering. He isn’t even pretending to do anything else.

Meanwhile, America is suffering through the worst peak of the coronavirus pandemic, with over 100,000 people getting infected per day and over 1,000 losing their lives.

It was already clear before the election that Donald Trump had no interest in governing this country. His behavior after his defeat to Joe Biden has removed all doubt.

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