Trump Lashes Out at Former Deputy FBI Chief Andrew McCabe Over Russia Investigation

President Donald Trump spent the morning casting doubt on the results of the 2020 election, alleging that “ballot abuse” contributed to his loss against President-elect Joe Biden. Now he’s lashed out at Andrew McCabe, the former deputy director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for the role he played in the Russia probe, which overshadowed much of his turbulent presidency.

Republicans, don’t let Andrew McCabe continue to get away with totally criminal activity,” the president wrote. “What he did should never be allowed to happen to our Country again. FIGHT FOR JUSTICE!”

The president has often claimed that the Russia probe, which investigated his campaign’s ties to Russian actors who interfered in the 2016 presidential election, was illegitimate. He often accused McCabe and federal investigators of bias against him.

McCabe, who became the acting FBI Director after Trump fired former FBI Director James Comey, is expected to defend his role in the investigation before a Senate panel.

“We didn’t open a case because we liked one candidate or didn’t like the other one,” McCabe says in drafted remarks. “We didn’t open a case because we intended to stage a coup or overthrow the government… We opened a case to find out how the Russians might be undermining our elections. We opened a case because it was our obligation – our duty – to do so. We did our job.”