Just 4 People Show Up For Pro-Trump “Stop The Steal” Rally

A pro-Trump “Stop The Steal” rally outside of Fox News‘s DC headquarters drew a crowd of four people who showed up to protest.

Will Sommer of The Daily Beast tweeted:

The organizer apparently has the same counting skills as Donald Trump because he claimed that four people were not a low turnout:

Trump spent months trying to lay the groundwork for a claim that the election was stolen if he lost, and his efforts have bombed.

The President’s campaign to overturn the results of the election was based on his supporters taking to the streets by the thousands and demanding that he stay in office. Instead, four people showed up. The entire rally could comfortably fit into a corner booth at Denny’s.

None of this is going the way that Trump had hoped. His own lawyers are admitting in court that there was no voter fraud. The president is losing all of his legal challenges. Despite the fact that Republicans are doubting the fairness of the election, according to polling, they are not taking to the streets to demand that Trump remains in office.

Four people isn’t a rally. It is a moderately busy grocery store checkout line.

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