Barr Is Blocking A Criminal Public Corruption Investigation Into Trump

William Barr stepped in and blocked Justice Department lawyers from investigating acts of potentially criminal public corruption by Trump.

The Justice Department wanted to investigate Trump going to back to his infamous pressure on Ukraine.

The New York Times reported:

They had examined Mr. Trump’s actions and found no campaign finance violations and were initially given the green light to pursue a potentially explosive inquiry into whether he had broken any other laws.

But Attorney General William P. Barr and other top officials held them back while Congress investigated the same matter during impeachment hearings. After the Senate acquitted the president, Mr. Barr in effect took the case away from the Public Integrity Section, sending all Ukraine-related inquiries to the U.S. attorney’s office in Brooklyn, according to six people familiar with the matter.

Barr has been protecting Trump since he replaced Jeff Sessions as attorney general. The degree to which Barr has gone to keep Trump from facing potential criminal investigations, we may not know until the Biden president is underway.

Even if Trump couldn’t be criminally charged as president, president-elect Biden has stated that he will not stand in the way of the Justice Department doing their jobs, which means that the door could be open for a potential criminal investigation of Trump after he leaves office.

William Barr is corrupt, losing the presidency means that Trump may have lost the only thing that was keeping him out of jail.

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