Donald Trump Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle Want to Take Over the RNC, But Donald Trump is Backing Ronna McDaniel

Last updated on November 13th, 2020 at 05:08 pm

There is nothing more important to Donald Trump than loyalty. This is clearly the case with Rudy Giuliani. Despite his constant bumbling, the president has held him close and keeps allowing him to be a public figure for his administration.

Ronna McDaniel proved her loyalty to Trump early on. The niece of Trump foe Mitt Romney, McDaniel dropped the Romney from her public name soon after becoming the Chair of the Republican National Committee. And Trump showed his loyalty to her on Wednesday by giving her his backing.

The president tweeted, “I am pleased to announce that I have given my full support and endorsement to Ronna McDaniel to continue heading the Republican National Committee (RNC). With 72 MILLION votes, we received more votes than any sitting President in U.S. history – and we will win!”

Interestingly the backing comes a day after a report came out that stated Donald Trump Jr. was hoping to take over the committee. Vanity Fair’s Bess Levin wrote:

“President Donald Trump’s eldest son and his girlfriend, a Trump campaign fundraiser and former Fox News host, have made it clear to campaign and White House officials they are unhappy with RNC chairwomanRonna McDaniel,whom they view as not having done enough to win a close race. Trump Jr. and Guilfoyle could seek leadership roles at the RNC to position the committee for a comeback run for the president in 2024, the sources said. “‘Don Jr. and Kimberly have an eye on the RNC, through themselves taking over or somebody close to them taking over.'”

If Trump Jr. and Guilfoyle are hoping for a hostile takeover, they’ll do so without the backing of Trump.

Todd Neikirk

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