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Trump Accuses ABC and Washington Post of Creating a “Possibly Illegal Suppression Poll.” There is No Such Thing.

President Donald Trump accused ABC News and The Washington Post of creating a “possibly illegal suppression Poll” that he claims affected voter turnout in the state of Wisconsin, which went to Joe Biden in last week’s election. Biden won the state with 49.6 percent of the vote.

Trump claimed the poll showed him “down 17 points in Wisconsin when, in fact, on Election Day, the race was even” and insisted “we are now preparing to win the state.”

There is no such thing as a “suppression poll.” It is a term created and weaponized by the president to cast the results of the election into doubt.

Trump attacked so-called “suppression polls” before the election as well, saying during a press conference in Nevada in October, “There’s tremendous support. Poll numbers are very good. You don’t see the real poll numbers.”

Members of the Trump campaign have echoed the term as well, Last week, pollster John McLaughlin said he received a call from the president about the ABC News/Washington Post poll he refers to in the tweet above.

“The president called me and said, `Could this be true?,’” McLaughlin said on John Catsimatidis’ 77 WABC “Cats At Night” radio show Wednesday. He says he told the president “no.“ “This is their strategy. They want to suppress your vote.”

Alan Herrera

Alan is a writer, editor, and news junkie based in New York.

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