Trump Refuses To Grant Biden Access To Classified Presidential Daily Briefing

Trump doesn’t read it, but out of pettiness, he is refusing to give Joe Biden access to the classified Presidential Daily Briefing.

NBC News‘s Peter Alexander tweeted:

Trump is attempting to deny Joe Biden any of the legitimacy that comes with an overwhelming election victory, but in the process, he is doing great harm to the national security of the country.

In modern history, there has never been a president-elect who was denied access to the classified intelligence that he needs to protect America from threats, until now.

Part of the importance of a smooth transition of power is that the nation isn’t weakened and vulnerable to attack while it is transitioning from one presidential administration to another. Donald Trump doesn’t read the presidential briefing. He has ignored for years as he prefers verbal briefings from his aides.

Even in defeat, Trump continues to find ways to put himself first and put the people of the United States in danger with his behavior.

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