WATCH: Arizona’s GOP Attorney General Tells Fox That Biden Will Win the State

Donald Trump and some in his orbit still have not given up on winning the White House. In order to do so he would have to have the results reversed in at least one state.

Part of his plan would also include winning the yet to be called state of Arizona. And while that possibility doesn’t look likely, it is still possible. The state‘s Republican Attorney General Mark Brnovich threw some cold water on that idea today, telling Fox News that Biden will win the state.

Brnovich made the comments while speaking with Neil Cavuto on Wednesday. He told the host, “There’s less than 50,000 votes to count and the President would have to get about 65% of them to win Arizona. So it does appear that Joe Biden will win Arizona.”

The Attorney General then discussed the idea that Trump has been the victim of some kind of election fraud in the state. He explained why that is very unlikely. Many Republicans further down the ballot won their races, while Trump and Martha McSally seemingly haven’t.

Brnovich continued, “People voted for Republicans down ballot, but they didn’t vote for President Trump, [or for incumbent GOP Sen.] Martha McSally … that’s the reality,” Brnovich said. Just because that happened, it doesn’t mean it’s fraud.”

A bemused Cavuto noted that Brnovich has been brave to make these comments on Fox News and that they would be upsetting to much of the audience.

Watch a video of the interview below, courtesy of the Fox News network: