Geraldo Rivera Tells “Honored Friend” Donald Trump That It’s Time To Step Down

Last updated on July 18th, 2023 at 12:21 pm

Donald Trump has yet to come to grips with the fact that he has lost the 2020 election. Both his family and others close to him in the White House have encouraged Trump to fight and try to get the election results changed.

That doesn’t mean that all Republicans are willing to give into the president’s delusions. A number of GOP senators said on Thursday that, at the least, Joe Biden should be getting intelligence briefings.

And some notable Republicans are now urging Trump to step down completely. The first of these was Karl Rove who wrote an op-ed in the Wall St. Journal about the reality of Trump‘s situation.

And a close friend of the president, Geraldo Rivera used Twitter to communicate with him. The frequent Fox News contributor wrote, “Donald Trump, my honored friend-you fought an incredible battle vs all odds and the curse of insidious disease. You battled the back stabbers & our enemies & remade the world in peace & prosperity. You came so close. Time coming soon to say goodbye with grace & dignity.”

The journalist then left Trump with a more positive message, writing, “Leaving chin high in a week or so-when your court fights no longer present a realistic long shot chance to overturn election-you remain head of GOP, architect of the Supreme Court, the new populism, continued hope of the conservative movement & if you so desire, candidate in 2024.”

Todd Neikirk

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