Republicans Are Terrified That Trump Will Cost Them The Georgia Senate Runoff Elections

Last updated on July 18th, 2023 at 12:21 pm

Lincoln Project co-founder Steve Schmidt said that Republicans are still catering to Trump because they are worried he will cost them the runoffs in Georgia.


Schmidt said on MSNBC:

And so what this is fundamentally about is the Georgia special elections because they are terrified that Trump will take retribution and basically say, screw you, to Mitch Mcconnell and to the Senate majority.

So even senator Lankford who, on the one hand, is being modestly responsible, I suppose, by saying the President-Elect should have intelligence briefings, not a very high bar to step over, but then he says, well, whatever the result of the election may be. We know the results of the election. Joe Biden has won a commanding victory, the largest since FDR’s in 1932.

Republicans don’t care about Trump‘s feelings. They are trying to save their own skins by keeping control of the Senate. If Democrats were to win both Senate runoff elections, the Senate would be a 50-50 with Vice President Harris breaking ties. Democrats would essentially have the majority and the ability to enact the Biden policy agenda.
If Trump’s kids take control of the RNC, the Trumps are still going to be in control of the Republican Party, so the current Republican denial has nothing to do with wanting to support Trump‘s doomed election challenge.

McConnell is trying to keep Trump happy so that he doesn’t take the Republican Senate majority down with him.

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