Trump’s Election Lawsuits Are Really About Setting Himself Up For A 2024 Run

Trump is openly talking about running for president again in 2024, and his lawsuits about making Biden’s victory look illegitimate.

The Washington Examiner reported:

Meanwhile, speculation about a 2024 run has become something that the president now talks about openly with visitors to the Oval Office, said a source close to the White House.


Instead, the legal and PR push is really about engaging Trump‘s base, allowing the president to maintain that Biden’s win is illegitimate, keeping up pressure ahead of crucial runoffs in Georgia that could determine control of the Senate, and preparing for life after the White House in terms of another run in 2024.

A lot can happen in four years. Donald Trump is assuming that he will be both alive, and not a convicted felon by 2024. There is a long history of losing presidential candidates comforting themselves with the idea of a comeback run.

Trump would be the first candidate since Grover Cleveland to lose his reelection bid and return four years later to win a second term. The odds of Trump mounting a successful comeback four years from now are slim.

Donald Trump did run up a record number of Republican votes, but his air of invincibility has been punctured. He is a loser, and if he does run again, his fellow 2024 Republican candidates aren’t going to take him lightly or bow down to him.

The lawsuits are another Trump scam, as the soon to be ex-president is likely to spend the next four years trying to delegitimize Biden while dreaming of a political comeback that may never be.

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