Andrew Cuomo Calls Trump A Liar And Reminds Everyone He’s Being Investigated For Tax Fraud

Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) responded to Trump‘s false claim that he won’t be rolling out a COVID vaccination quickly by calling Trump a liar and pointing out he’s being investigated for tax fraud.

Video of Cuomo on MSNBC:

Trump said during a Rose Garden event, “As soon as April the vaccine will be available to the entire general population with the exception of places like new York state where for political reasons the governor decided to say and I don’t think it is good politically, I think it is bad from a health stand point, but he wants to take his time on the vaccine.”

Cuomo responded:

None of what he said is true. Surprise, surprise. We’re all excited about the possibilities about a vaccine. It is not that people don’t trust the vaccine companies, the pharmaceutical companies. Pfizer is a great New York and Regeneron is a great company but Americans are worried about political interference in the vaccine process and the approval process by the president. The American people trust the drug companies more than they trust the president. Kaiser polls said 60% of Americans are worried that the approval was political, pew polls said about 50% of Americans are worried that it is political. So a number of states, New York included, to try to build credibility so the people will accept the vaccine, put together their own scientific review panels. Ours is headed by a Nobel Prize laureate who will review the FDA process so we could say to people it is safe, you should take the vaccine.

The president likes to point out New York because it has been an ongoing issue. The president lost New York state in the election by a huge margin. You have New York prosecutors who are investigating the president for tax fraud. So he has issued with New York, and he likes to point to New York.

Cuomo was right. Everything with Trump runs through the filter of what the president either is or is not getting. Trump is trying to punish New York because he is under criminal investigation in the state. He is trying to use the dying embers of his presidency to punish New York for the investigation that could shut down his business and make him and his adult children convicted felons.

Even in his final weeks as president, Trump is abusing his power for his own benefit.

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