By Trump’s Own Definition, Biden Beat Him In A Landslide


By Trump‘s own definition, Joe Biden has beaten him in a landslide electoral college victory as Trump finishes with 232 electoral college votes.

Here is the final map:


Trump has spent the last four years trying to sell his electoral college victory over Hillary Clinton as a landslide. The reality is that Trump‘s victory wasn’t a landslide by any historical measurement. Biden’s victory is more impressive as he has a legitimate of passing Barack Obama in 2008 and challenging Bill Clinton for the highest popular vote margin of victory since 1996.

Donald Trump had the third-worst performance in the popular vote in US history. His margin of popular vote defeat will be even bigger than it was in 2016.

There are millions of outstanding votes to be counted from states where Biden routed Trump such as California and New York. The final margin of Biden‘s popular vote victory will not be known for weeks, but after Trump spent years trying to fake a landslide win, Joe Biden reversed the electoral map and will come into office with more of a mandate than Donald Trump ever had.

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