Kaleigh McEnany Says Trump Will Attend Inauguration For His Imaginary Second Term

The White House Press Secretary told Fox Business that Trump would be attending the presidential inauguration because it will be for his own second term.


The mix of misinformation and delusion has reached the point where people should expect Trump‘s enablers to build a set at Mar-a-Lago and hold a fake inauguration for Trump on Biden‘s inauguration day.

There is not going to be a second Trump term. The election results can’t be reversed. Donald Trump lost. The White House and Republican Party continue to humor him, but the election wasn’t stolen. Trump was beaten by an overwhelming margin, as Biden flipped multiple states that Trump carried in 2016.

The disheartening part of this for the country is that we could be faced with another month of false reality from the lame-duck president before the Electoral College makes Biden‘s victory official. Kaleigh McEnany and other Trump officials who are going along with this charade are ruining their future career prospects and reputations for the biggest incumbent presidential loser by popular vote share since Herbert Hoover.

The denial of reality from White House officials is embarrassing for the country and detrimental to the integrity of the election process.

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