Peter Navarro walks out on reporters when asked about Biden win

Peter Navarro Walks Out On Reporters When Asked About Biden Election Win

Peter Navarro’s first gaggle with the press since the election didn’t go well as he walked out on reporters when asked about Biden‘s win.


Navarro was asked first about the coronavirus vaccine, which answered by saying, “not my lane,” then he was asked about China congratulating Joe Biden on winning the presidential election.

Peter Navarro responded to that question by walking away from the assembled reporters.

The White House continues to say that they expect Trump to still be president for four more years, but when directly asked by reporters about the fact that the rest of the world is congratulating Joe Biden, Navarro didn’t dispute it or try to knock it down. He said nothing and walked away.

It is what this White House does, not what it says that matters.

Navarro who claimed in an earlier Friday interview that the White House was operating under the assumption that there would be a second Trump term, but when he had a chance to make the claim directly to reporters and television cameras that there will be a second Trump term, he said nothing and walked away.

Even Trump‘s most loyal defenders know that it’s over.

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