Kaleigh McEnany Falsely Claims A Million People Are Marching For Trump

A crowd that is estimated to be in the thousands was inflated to a million by White House Press Secretary Kaleigh McEnany.

McEnany tweeted:

For the sake of comparison, here is a non-delusional estimate of the crowd size in Freedom Plaza:

The Million MAGA March has not turned out millions of people. They will be lucky if 10,000 people show up, which is a pathetic turnout considering that Donald Trump got 70 million votes in the election less than two weeks ago.

The Million MAGA March looks to be about 990,000 people short of a million. The show of support that the right thought they could muster for Trump is showing what the country has known for years. Trump and his supporters were the tyranny of the minority, and Joe Biden‘s election has brought their moment to a close.

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