Trump’s Million MAGA March Draws An Estimated Thousands Not Millions

The wave of Trump supporters, white supremacists, and extremists that were supposed to be marching to support Trump looks like thousands not millions.

Video of a dozen Proud Boys:

The total crowd will be larger than dozens, but this is not a good sign for Trump and his supporters. So far, there has not been a massive crowd of people forming to support Donald Trump.

Video of the gathering crowd:

A constant trend has been that Trump tries to get his supporters off the couch and away from Fox News, but his efforts have resulted in outcomes like four people showing up for DC “Stop The Steal” protest outside of Fox News.

There appears to be no popular movement outside of some banned Facebook groups that are supporting Trump‘s faux contesting of the election.

Activists on the left spent the days before this event warning their supporters to stay away because pictures of conflict and violence were exactly what the Trump-supporting racists and extremists were looking for.

Some counter-protesters have shown up:

So far, the Million MAGA March is looking like it could be almost a million people short of its goal, as the nation is moving on while Trump extremists throw a temper tantrum/pity party in the corner.

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