Trump Stayed In His Bedroom And Pouted Instead Of Greeting House Republicans

Newly elected House Republicans were taken to the White House, but Trump didn’t come down from the residence and greet them.
The Politico Playbook reported:

LAST NIGHT, MCCARTHY’s staff took the newly elected Republicans to the White House. Masks were mandatory — even MARJORIE TAYLOR GREENE wore it for most of the time. Utah GOP candidate BURGESS OWENS had his race called in his favor during the White House tour.

INTERESTING TO NOTE: President DONALD TRUMP did not come down to meet the group. He did send his well wishes.

With the exception of one lie-filled coronavirus response update, Donald Trump has locked himself in the residence part of the White House and sulked. The only time he has gone out is to bilk the taxpayers of money to visit one of his clubs to play golf.

It is as if Trump is so broken by the idea of losing the election that he can’t be around people who won their elections because it only reinforces what a loser he is.

This sort of classless behavior is to be expected by Trump. He wasn’t working in the Oval Office. There was no reason for him not to come down and greet the newly elected House Republicans beyond the fact that the President is pouting.

Donald Trump hasn’t responded to defeat like a tyrant. Instead, he has locked himself in his bedroom and tried to rage tweet his humiliation away. The president that so many once feared is showed that he is really nothing more than a spoiled child.

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