Judge Throws Out GOP Michigan Voter Fraud Lawsuit

A judge in Michigan has thrown out a lawsuit trying to block the certification of election results over a lack of evidence.

ABC News reported:

In his ruling, Kenny took issue with a string of affidavits presented as evidence in the case – similar to those filed in Pennsylvania — in which several poll challengers allege they witnessed numerous activities of fraudulent behavior during the counting process.

“Plaintiffs rely on numerous affidavits from election challengers who paint a picture of sinister fraudulent activities occurring both openly in the TCF Center and under the cloak of darkness,” Kenny writes, noting that those claims were “decidedly contradicted” by an election expert put forth by the defense.”

Trump‘s observers did not complete witness training, so their complaints about ballots are being counted are coming from people who don’t know what they are seeing, and they are making partisan complaints based on what they read on Trump‘s Twitter account and see on Fox News.

The ballot count was an open process that contained witnesses from both parties and television cameras. There has been nothing hidden about the way that the votes were counted. As John Bolton said, there is no evidence of fraud. Trump‘s own lawyers have stated in court that they are not arguing a fraud case.

Trump and the Republican Party’s efforts to legally challenge the election of Joe Biden have failed as judges around the country are tossing the Trump cases out of court nearly as quickly as they arrive.

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