Rudy Giuliani Melts Down On Fox And Admits He Has No Election Fraud Evidence

Rudy Giuliani admitted on Fox News that his election fraud evidence is a hunch that Philadelphia cheated in the election.


Rudy Giuliani laid out his election fraud evidence on Fox News’s Sunday Morning Futures, “The reality is. The reality is that I would be surprised if Philadelphia didn’t cheat in this election. They’ve done it in the last 60 years.”

Here is Giuliani explaining how the ballots were done:

Rudy Giuliani‘s opinion is Trump‘s evidence that the election was stolen. Trump’s lawyers have been admitting in court that there is no voter or election fraud. Trump tweeted to all of his followers that they needed to watch the Giuliani Fox News interview, and I am sure that the interview made them, and the president, feel good.

However, Giuliani presented no evidence of election fraud. All he has are guesses and wild conspiracy theories. It is the same nonsense that Rudy has been peddling for years. It is why he was used by the Russians to push their misinformation in the 2020 election. Guiliani got Trump impeached with his Ukraine and Hunter Biden conspiracy theories, which also came from the Russians.

Fox News is living in a different reality from the rest of the country. Trump and his supporters saw a case that the election was stolen while anyone else watching saw a conspiracy theorist guessing and tossing hunches at the wall.

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