Trump Conceded To Biden Then Delusionally Retracted His Concession

Trump conceded that he lost to Joe Biden then took back the concession and falsely claimed that the election was rigged.

Trump tweeted that Biden won, and listed a bunch of fake reasons why the election was stolen from him:

Roughly 90 minutes later, Trump took it all back:

Trump doesn’t have a long way to go. He is 1-14 in the election lawsuits that he has filed. The lawsuit that he won does not change the outcome in Pennsylvania. States are already certifying their results. In a couple of weeks, final state certification will be in, and in less than a month, the electoral college will vote, and Joe Biden will officially be the president-elect.

Nothing has happened to change the results of the election. Trump conceded, and then he realized that he conceded and tried to pretend like he didn’t concede.

The fight is over.
The pathetic turnout for Trump’s Million MAGA March highlighted his rapid descent into increasing irrelevance.

Joe Biden won. Donald Trump knows it, or else he would not have conceded by tweet.

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