Trump Tells GSA Administrator Great Job As She Blocks Biden Transition

Trump sent a not so subtle message to GSA Administrator Emily Murphy by telling her that she is doing a great job as she blocks the Biden transition.

Trump tweeted:

President-elect Biden has not met with government officials and has not been given access to millions of dollars in transition funds. Murphy has refused to sign the paperwork that would kick off the transition.

Walter Shaub noted that Murphy is endangering American lives by withholding transition funds in the middle of a pandemic:

Trump put his compliment to Murphy above an unrelated tweet, but the message was inescapable. Trump thinks Murphy is doing a great job by harming the country to make him happy.

If Trump doesn’t want to concede the election, or if he concedes, and then tries to take it back, that’s his choice, but American lives are put in jeopardy. National security is being weakened because corrupt members of his administration are refusing to do their jobs.

Biden is still going to be a better president than Trump even without classified briefings, and a cooperative presidential transition.

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