Joe Biden Puts The Heat On Mitch McConnell’s Plan To Obstruct Him


President-Elect Biden called any decision not to work together and obstruct a conscious decision in a message aimed at Mitch McConnell.



Biden said, “A refusal of Democrats and Republicans to cooperate with one another is not due to some mysterious force beyond our control. It’s a conscious decision. It’s a choice that we make. If we can decide not to cooperate, then we can decide to cooperate. I believe this is in part the mandate from the American people, part of the mandate they gave us. They want us to cooperate. They want us to deliver results.”

Biden doesn’t have to breathe fire at the Senate Majority Leader. The President-Elect has the winning message. He knows that the American people hate what the US Senate has become, and he is positioning McConnell to take the heat if he insists on not coming to the table and working with Democrats.

Joe Biden was correct. He does have the mandate. Mitch McConnell is clinging on to a Senate majority that could be gone on January 5, 2021.

The same playbook that McConnell used against Obama isn’t going to work on Biden, and the incoming president is outlining how he intending to box Mitch McConnell and make him the face of extremist failure and obstruction that harms the American people.

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