Joy Reid Urges Donald Trump To Resign And Pout On His Own Time

Donald Trump clearly has no interest in putting in any work for the remainder of his presidency, even in the midst of a public health crisis that is getting worse by the day.

MSNBC‘s Joy Reid offered a solution that will benefit the American people and Trump: resign and let Mike Pence finish his term.

“It is time to set aside your ego, Donald,” Reid said. “You’ve had enough time to blow your nose, suck it up and become a big boy.”

“If you don’t want the job, you are certainly free to resign,” she added.

The MSNBC host suggested that perhaps Mike Pence would even give Trump a pardon if he stepped down before the end of his term in January.


Reid said:

Yes, it is time to set aside your ego, Donald. You’ve had enough time to blow your nose, suck it up and become a big boy. You still have more than 60 days in this job, and it is a job. People are losing their lives because of you. In fact, if you don’t want the job, you are certainly free to resign and let Mike Pence do it until January 20. Maybe he’ll even pardon you. And while the president is pouting, states are imposing new restrictions as public health officials warn upcoming holiday gatherings could contribute to the spread.

Trump has done virtually no real work since losing the election

Since he lost the election earlier this month, Donald Trump has done virtually no real work

. On most days, Trump hasn’t even had any events on his public schedule.

Instead, the outgoing president has devoted his time to spewing election conspiracies on Twitter, driving his motorcade through a crowd of admirers and – of course – golfing.

The American people don’t want Donald Trump to be president anymore, and he clearly isn’t all that interested in even pretending to do the job for the next two months.

He should do himself and the country a favor and resign.

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