Lawsuits Challenging Biden Wins In Georgia, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan All Dropped

A group of pro-Trump lawsuits challenging Joe Biden‘s wins in Georgia, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan have all been dropped.

CNN reported:

The cases were short-lived in Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania federal courts and fed into a pro-Trump legal strategy that’s almost certain to fail to block Biden’s presidential win before the Electoral College formalized it.

The suits mirrored one another and were all backed by the law firm of a nationally known conservative attorney, James Bopp Jr. In Michigan and Pennsylvania, the cases had also gone hand in hand with ones brought by the Trump campaign.

The lawsuits appear to have been dropped after a federal appeals court that voters could not bring lawsuits forward about some constitutional claims. Without an avenue for standing, these Trump voters were going nowhere with their lawsuits.

Donald Trump is isolated in his refusal to concede. All around him the nation is moving forward with the Biden presidency. The election is over. Donald Trump lost, and Republicans don’t have any serious options left to keep him in power.

Trump will be leaving the White House by noon on January 20, 2021. My guess is that since Trump is suggesting that he will not attend Biden’s inauguration he will clear out of the White House and be back at his Florida golf club before inauguration day. No one should be surprised if Trump goes on Christmas vacation and doesn’t come back.

The legal challenges to the election had no standing as Joe Biden is set to be the next President Of The United States.

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