Trump’s Lawyers Ditch Him In Pennsylvania As His Election Lawsuits Continue To Go Up In Flames

Lawyers representing the Trump campaign in Pennsylvania backed out of a lawsuit that’s seeking to block votes in the Keystone State.

According to CNN, “Three attorneys who were representing the campaign— Linda Kerns, the Philadelphia lawyer who has spearheaded several cases on Trump’s behalf in Pennsylvania, and Texans John Scott and Douglas Bryan Hughes—are withdrawing.”

The lawyers have been replaced with a lone Republican, Marc Scaringi, who runs a small law firm in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

But even Scaringi, the new lawyer, admitted just over a week ago that no lawsuits will stand in the way of a Biden presidency.

As ballots in Pennsylvania continue to be counted, Joe Biden now has a comfortable lead. As of this writing, the president-elect leads Trump by nearly 70,000 votes in the state – a swing of more than 100,000 votes in the Democrats‘ direction since 2016.

Trump’s legal challenges are a laughingstock

It’s no surprise that lawyers are sprinting away from the Trump campaign’s efforts to overturn an election that Joe Biden decisively won.

After all, Biden flipped five states that Trump won in 2016 – Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona and Georgia – with pretty comfortable margins, particularly in the context of a potential recount.

The idea that Trump will be able to overturn the outcome in one state, much less five, is laughable. So laughable, in fact, that lawsuits in four battleground states were dropped on Monday alone.

Lawyers are beginning to see that if they want to have any credibility, they should run as fast and as far away as they can from the Trump campaign’s cartoonish legal challenges to an election that the president’s own DHS called one of the most secure in American history.

What happened on Monday – from lawsuits being dropped to lawyers running for the hills – likely won’t be the last of Donald Trump‘s failed legal challenges.

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