Lindsey Graham Admits To Conspiring To Steal Elections In Nevada And Arizona For Trump

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) told reporters that his efforts to overturn Biden’s win include pressure campaigns in Georgia, Nevada, and Arizona.

Jake Sherman of Politico tweeted Graham’s comments to reporters:

Graham also refused to consider Biden the president elect:

Graham’s pretense of pressuring Secretaries of State to throw out legally cast ballots under the guise of election integrity falls apart when he refuses to refer to Joe Biden as the president-elect. Trump is now 1-24 in lawsuits relating to the election, so his legal challenges should be over soon.

Lindsey Graham admitted to a wide-ranging conspiracy to overturn Joe Biden’s wins in three key states. Even if Trump would win in a rigged recount, Biden would still win the election, so obviously, Republicans are hoping to overturn the result in Pennsylvania.

Sen. Graham is bordering on a crime against his country by trying to overturn a free and fair election to keep Trump in office.

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