Netanyahu Dumps Trump And Is Now Speaking To Joe Biden

Israeli PM Netanyahu released a statement about the warm call he shared with Joe Biden concerning the future of the US/Israel relationship.

The tweet from Netanyahu’s office:

The Hebrew translation:

Netanyahu Biden statement Netanyahu Biden statement[/caption]

Netanyahu has been telegraphing this move since he embarrassed Trump on a public call before the election. Bibi can read polls, and he knew that he would soon be dealing with Joe Biden.

Trump is about to be astonished as all of the world leaders who he considers to be his friends will dump him to the curb in a heartbeat and speak well of Joe Biden.

Donald Trump and his enablers like Lindsey Graham don’t want to admit it, but the world has moved on as is treating Joe Biden like the incoming president that he is.

Trump spent years bragging about his great relationship with Netanyahu, but it turned out to mean nothing, as Netanyahu isn’t standing with Trump in his election denial folly.

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