Rudy Giuliani Appears To Commit Perjury While Trying To Represent Trump In PA

In his petition to represent Donald Trump in Pennsylvania, Rudy Giuliani swore that he was in good standing in all courts, but he isn’t.

Andrew Feinberg caught Giuliani‘s apparent perjury:

It turns out that Trump‘s grifter conspiracy spreading lawyer is not in good standing. He is currently suspended in Washington, D.C. for non paying his dues.

Trump can no longer find credible lawyers to represent him in his legal challenge to the election, so he has turned to Rudy Giuliani, who is the same guy who got Trump impeached for trying to shakedown Ukraine over a Russian peddled Hunter Biden conspiracy theory.

Giuliani is mounting the Washington Generals of legal defenses for Donald Trump. So far, Trump‘s legal challenges to the election are 1-24.

Of course, Rudy Giuliani committed perjury. Someone should actually check and see if his law license is valid anywhere. Before the election, many were worried about Trump contesting the vote and plunging the nation into a constitutional crisis, but the result turned out to not be in doubt as Biden flipped five states that Trump carried in 2016.

No self-respecting lawyer wants to go near Trump‘s frivolous lawsuits, so the president is reduced to trotting out Rudy Giuliani and waiting for his challenges to be laughed out of court.

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