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Victory For Democracy: Michigan Republicans Back Down And Certify Detroit Area Election Results

GOP officials in Michigan who initially blocked the certification of election results in Wayne County – which houses Detroit – backed down on Tuesday night and voted to certify the results after all.

According to Adam Brewster of CBS News, “The Wayne County Board of Canvassers has just unanimously voted to certify the results of the election & called on Michigan SOS Jocelyn Benson to conduct an audit of the unexplained precincts in Wayne County that did not match.”

Republicans on the board backed down after their initial move was met with swift and intense backlash.

Trump didn’t get the memo

Even after the news broke that GOP officials in Wayne County backtracked, Trump took to Twitter to celebrate the fact that results in the Detroit area weren’t being certified.

“Wow! Michigan just refused to certify the election results!” Trump said, as if it was a good thing. “The USA stands proud!”

In another tweet, Trump said, “Flip Michigan back to TRUMP. Detroit, not surprisingly, has tremendous problems!”

It’s good news – and a victory for democracy – that the will of the people will ultimately prevail in Michigan.

But the fact that Republicans in Wayne County even flirted with the idea of blocking votes from the Detroit area is shameful.

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Sean Colarossi

Sean Colarossi currently resides in Cleveland, Ohio. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and was an organizing fellow for both of President Obama’s presidential campaigns. He also worked with Planned Parenthood as an Affordable Care Act Outreach Organizer in 2014, helping northeast Ohio residents obtain health insurance coverage.

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