Georgia GOP Secretary Of State Says He Has ‘No Doubt’ That Biden Won The State Fair And Square

Georgia GOP Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said on Thursday that there is “no doubt” in his mind that Joe Biden will win the state and its 16 electoral votes.

During an interview with WSB-TV Atlanta’s Justin Gray, Raffensperger said that the audit in Georgia has only confirmed that Biden will come out on top in a state that hasn’t gone blue in nearly 30 years.

“There’s no doubt. The numbers support that. So does the audit,” he said.

Raffensperger also said he has seen no evidence of any major fraud in Georgia, despite what Trump campaign lawyers have been saying in recent weeks.

“We’ve not seen any evidence,” he said. “It just doesn’t show up. It doesn’t work out. The numbers just aren’t there.”

Trump and his allies are waging war on democracy

Despite the fact that Joe Biden legitimately won the state of Georgia, Trump and his allies are pulling out all the stops to try to steal it.

Earlier this week, South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham was busted for trying to pressure Raffensperger into throwing out ballots cast for Biden. Luckily, the effort to steal the state was unsuccessful and some are now calling for Graham to be investigated.

Just a short time ago, a Trump-appointed judge also blocked a lawsuit that sought to stop the election results from being certified in Georgia.

This scheme doesn’t end in Georgia, however. All across the country, from Michigan to Pennsylvania, Trump and the GOP are trying to overturn the results and throw out votes for Joe Biden.

While Donald Trump and his band of bumbling henchmen are doomed to fail, it’s important that this effort be called what it is: a war on American democracy.

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