GOP Senator Joni Ernst Says Sidney Powell’s Election Claims Were Outrageous and Offensive

By 8 months ago

On Thursday afternoon, Donald Trump’s legal team held a press conference. Many viewers were unable to take their eyes off Rudy Giuliani as his flop sweat made his hair dye run down his face.

But even more stunning than that were the claims made by lawyer Sidney Powell. In a wild claim of election fraud, Powell talked about Venezuela, George Soros, Bill and Hillary Clinton and the hacking of voting machines.


Republican senators have been slow to call out the Trump legal teams shenanigans, but the lawyer’s performances were enough to get Joni Ernst to speak up.

The Iowa senator was particularly

perturbed by Powell saying, “In terms of the level of corruption we are looking at here, we have no idea how many Republican or Democratic candidates… paid to have the system rigged to work for them.”

Ernst was asked about these comments during an appearance on Guy Benson’s Fox News radio show. She told Benson:

“That is an offensive comment for those of us that do stand up and represent our states in a dignified manner. We believe in honesty. We believe in the integrity of our election system. Which is why I do believe that if there is fraud out there, it should be brought to the court’s attention. The proof should be brought forward. But to insinuate that Republican and Democratic candidates paid to throw off this election, I think, is absolutely outrageous, and I do take offense to that.”

You can listen to the interview below


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