Mary Trump Says Donald Can’t Handle The Reality Of His Defeat And Potential Prosecution

Mary Trump said that her uncle Donald can’t handle the fact that he lost the election and he has debts and potential prosecutions waiting for him.

Video of Mary Trump on The Beat with Ari Melber:

Mary Trump explained why her uncle has gone silent, “Donald is a coward. You know he is a small racist man who lost decisively and can’t handle the fact that he lost. He’s also desperate because he knows once he loses the power of the oval office, he has enormous debts that will be called and he has potential prosecutions awaiting him. So I’m less concerned about his having gone silent, first of all, it’s kind of a relief and secondly, it just underscores how ill-equipped he is to meet this particular moment. I’m more worried about the people who are doing his bidding. I’m consistently shocked to find that there are people even weaker than he is on the planet and of course of Republican leadership and those are the people we really should be focussing on right now.”

Trump is scared, desperate, and in hiding, because he can’t handle the truth that he has lost the election, and the only thing holding up his businesses and potentially keeping him from being prosecuted will be gone in two months.

Mary Trump was correct. The bigger problem remains that so many Republicans are willing to do his bidding.

Trump is a weak loser and Republicans are showing that he has made the party in his own image.

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