Trump Drops His Last Michigan Lawsuit Then Absurdly Claims Victory


The Trump campaign dropped its last federal lawsuit in Michigan and then claimed victory even though the Wayne County results have been certified.

Via Bloomberg News:

President Donald Trump’s campaign says it’s dropping its Michigan election lawsuit because it succeeded in halting certification of election results in Detroit and surrounding Wayne County, despite the outcome already having been certified in favor of President-elect Joe Biden.


The Trump campaign’s assertion is based on the attempt by two Republican canvassing board members to rescind their Tuesday votes in favor of certification. Democrats say it’s not possible for the two Republicans to walk back their votes. Michigan is due to certify its statewide results on Nov. 23.

The problem is that the Republican canvassers that Trump contacted personally are trying to walk back their Tuesday night votes to certify the results. The issue is that there is no mechanism in Michigan for the canvassers to take back their votes, so the results have been certified.

Trump’s lawsuit was about to be thrown out of court, so there was no chance that he was going to win. Rudy Giuliani claimed in his disastrous press conference that the campaign has blocked the certification in Wayne County was totally false.

The endgame for Trump is to poison the well and try to create as much doubt about Joe Biden’s victory as he can before he is escorted off of the White House premises on January 20, 2021.

Trump continues to try to do the only thing that he has been good at in his entire life, spinning defeat into victory.

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