Georgia Turns The Lights Out On Trump As He Is Now 1-32 In Election Lawsuits

Georgia has finished the recount and found that Biden won, while Trump lost a federal case in the state to go 1-32 in election lawsuits.

Marc C. Elias tweeted:

Kristen Clarke, president, and executive director, Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, said in a statement provided to PoliticusUSa, “This case was legally and factually baseless, and contrary to the bedrock values of our democracy. Plaintiffs waited until after the end of vote counting to cast a cloud over ballots cast in good faith by millions of Georgia voters. We are pleased that Judge Grimberg flatly rejected their wholly unreasonable request to block certification of Georgia’s election results. As President Trump and his allies continue to mount desperate and meritless lawsuits intended to rewrite the outcome of the November election, we will continue to fight back in defense of eligible voters.”

Trump’s legal arguments have all lacked merit. During his press conference, Rudy Giuliani admitted that he is basically cribbing legal strategy from his favorite movie, “My Cousin Vinny.” The whole fiasco is an abuse of the legal system.

Donald Trump doesn’t want to face the reality that he has been defeated, and that his next stop could very well be prison, but Georgia turned the lights out on his presidency as the American judicial system has loudly sent the message that it is time for Trump to go.

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