Trump Starts A GOP Civil War In Georgia That Could Give Joe Biden The Senate

Trump’s insistence that Biden’s victory not be recognized has caused a civil war among Georgia Republicans that could cost the GOP the Senate.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported:

At the center of the swirl, of course, stands Trump. His loyal base will make or break Republican hopes of maintaining control of the Senate, and state leaders are tiptoeing around even the tamest steps toward accepting his defeat for fear of infuriating him and evoking one of his famous tweet-storms.

It’s having a real-world consequence on the Jan. 5 runoffs. In a normal election, the two incumbents would fast be making the case that a Republican-controlled Senate would serve as a check on an incoming President Biden. But that also means acknowledging Biden’s victory, which they’ve yet to do.

Republicans are being denied the ability to run their best campaigns because they are still pretending that the election is not over and Trump might still win. The very best argument that the two Republican candidates could make is that they are needed to limit the passage of Joe Biden’s agenda.

Instead of presenting a unified front, Republicans are ripping each other apart, and in the middle of the swirl are two unpopular GOP Senate incumbents who are paralyzed by the fighting around them. The Republicans are wasting their time trying not to hurt Trump’s feelings instead of running for reelection.

Democrats have come close to victory in recent special elections and now they have proven that they can win the state at the highest levels. Trump’s contesting of the election isn’t going to go away by January 5.

It is fitting that Trumpian chaos could end up handing control of the Senate to Democrats and Joe Biden.

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