MD Governor Larry Hogan on Transition Delay: “These Kind[s] of Ridiculous Challenges That Are Not Based in Fact Need to End”

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan (R) condemned President Donald Trump and his administration for not cooperating with the Biden-Harris transition team and urged for the transition to proceed for the sake of the country.

“We need to have the transition begin as soon as possible. These kind[s] of ridiculous challenges that are not based on fact need to end,” Hogan told CNBC’s”Squawk Box.”

“We have to move forward with the transition. Like it or not, we cast the votes, we count the votes and we live with the result. We’ve always had a peaceful transition of power,” he continued. “The mistake right now of not sharing information with the incoming administration is outrageous. I think it’s bad for Donald Trump. It’s bad for the Republican party, bad for the country and our standing in the world. It’s diminishing the presidency.”

Hogan has been a vocal critic of President Trump for a long time and has criticized his behavior since the election was called.

Most people realize that this election is over. It’s really dangerous, I think, in the middle of this pandemic, this economic collapse, people dying across the country, to not know if we’re going to have a transition,” he said last week. 

President Trump has thus far refused to concede the election to Joe Biden, who is the president-elect. He has also ordered his administration not to cooperate with the transition, a move that prompted House Democrats to demand that Emily Murphy, the chief of the General Services Administration (GSA) sign a letter of “ascertainment” confirming that President-elect Joe Biden won the election, a step that would allow Biden to meet with government officials and access the more than $6 million in federal funds allocated for the transition.

President Trump has also continued to claim the election was fraudulent, a claim for which there is no evidence and that United States security agencies have disputed. Yesterday, the results of a statewide audit confirmed that Biden won the state of Georgia despite Trump’s claims to the contrary.

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