Michigan GOP Lawmakers Wined And Dined At Trump’s DC Hotel After White House Meeting

After meeting with Donald Trump at the White House, several Michigan GOP lawmakers were seen at the Trump Hotel in D.C. on Friday night and Saturday morning.

According to Bridge Michigan reporter Jonathan Oosting, “Michigan House Speaker Lee Chatfield, state Rep. Jim Lilly hit up the Trump Hotel bar last night after their White House visit.”

Other Michigan GOP lawmakers were seen leaving Trump’s hotel on Saturday morning, where they dodged reporters and quickly left the scene.

Who paid for this lavish visit to Trump’s hotel?

While the initial news coming out of the Friday meeting between Donald Trump and these Michigan lawmakers was optimistic for the future of democracy, the later imagery of these same lawmakers enjoying a night at the president’s DC hotel is troubling.

It also raises questions about whether the president himself sought to wine and dine these GOP lawmakers at a time when Trump is pressuring them to overturn Joe Biden’s victory in Michigan.

The American people deserve to have confidence that when they vote in a free and fair election, the president of the United States won’t attempt to stage a coup to remain in power.

Nothing about the images from Trump’s Hotel in D.C. is likely to make anybody feel confident about the health of American democracy.

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