Judge Obliterates Rudy Giuliani While Shutting Down Trump’s PA Lawsuit

A federal judge in Pennsylvania didn’t just rule against Trump, he obliterated Rudy Giuliani and stopped Trump cold in Pennsylvania.

Marc C. Elias described the judge’s ruling as Giuliani getting his ass kicked in court:

The intro to the judge’s opinion is must-read material:

Rudy Giuliani got shot down on every single point that he made. The judge pointed out that the Trump campaign lacked both evidence and strong legal arguments while trying to disenfranchise seven million Pennsylvania voters.

Here is a video from NBC News that sums up how badly Giuliani fared:

Giuliani is not a constitutional lawyer, in fact, in some jurisdictions, he’s not even a lawyer. Rudy is arguing this case because no constitutional lawyer worth anything will touch Trump’s legal challenges to the election.

Rudy Guiliani did more than lose. He singlehandedly ended Trump’s effort to block the certification of the results in Pennsylvania.

Trump’s claims are baseless and lack merit. The Pennsylvania ruling is what happens when a frivolous lawsuit is presented to the court by one of the worst semi-legal attornies out there.

Pennsylvania will certify its results on Monday, as a big legal door has been slammed shut in Trump’s face.

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