Trump Spends Saturday On The Golf Course As America Surges Toward 2,000 COVID Deaths Per Day

With U.S. coronavirus cases topping 12 million and nearly 2,000 Americans now dying from the virus per day, Donald Trump spent his Saturday on the golf course.

As MSNBC’s Kyle Griffin reported, “Trump is at his golf course again, according to the pool report.”

According to the COVID Tracking Project, more than 1,800 Americans have died per day from the virus over the past three days as this public health crisis continues to worsen.

With the holiday season on the horizon and many Americans traveling and holding gatherings – despite CDC guidance – these numbers are likely to get even worse.

It all comes at a time when Donald Trump – still the president – has all but checked out of his day job.

Meanwhile, the Biden transition is being blocked

After losing the election to Joe Biden, Donald Trump has made it abundantly clear that he has no interest in even pretending to do his job over the next two months, regardless of the raging pandemic.

What makes it worse is that he is refusing to allow Biden to begin to do his job by blocking the transition.

As MSNBC’s Ali Vitali reported on Saturday, this refusal to allow the transition to move forward is unprecedented. After previous elections, it has often taken just 24 hours for the transition to begin once it became clear who won.

At this point, very few people expect Donald Trump to spend the final days of his presidency putting in actual work.

The least the current president can do is allow Joe Biden to begin cleaning up the mess Trump has created over the past four years.

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Trump tattles on Obama for golfing
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