Trump’s Actions Admit Defeat As He Skips G20 Pandemic Event For Golf

Trump blew off a side event at the virtual G20 Summit to spend more taxpayer money on a trip to his golf club.

CNN reported, “The goal of the event is to “foster international cooperation and to find solutions that protect people’s lives and livelihoods,” the Saudi release says. Trump has just arrived at his golf course in Virginia and does not appear on the list of speakers at the event.”

Trump didn’t go to his golf course to participate in the event from the 5th tee. He is blowing it off. The Trump campaign has sent over 300 fundraising emails claiming to contest the election, but he has lost almost every one of his election challenges. State legislatures refused to participate in his coup plan and Georgia is sown up for Joe Biden.

There is no path for Trump to stay in office, so he no longer needs to pretend to care about the duties of the presidency. In the middle of a raging pandemic in which more than 2,000 Americans are dying daily, Donald Trump chose to play golf instead of participating in an event on pandemic preparedness.

Trump’s actions are saying what his words won’t. It’s over, and the depressed soon to be ex-president has already checked out on the American people.

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