Lara Trump Admits Trump Is Trying To Get State Legislatures To Steal The Election

Lara Trump said on Fox and Friends that the Trump campaign is open to trying to sway state legislatures to overturn Biden’s win.


Lara Trump said on Fox and Friends when asked if the campaign is going to try to sway state legislatures to overturn Biden’s win, “Well, that’s a possibility. Look, we’ve obviously been putting forward lawsuits across the country in states where we feel like there were really egregious violations of people’s rights and the way this election process played out, and we’re open to anything. We again want the right thing to happen here, and so far, you’ve seen the fraud that has been uncovered you’ve seen that dead people have been voting. People have been voting in multiple states, the recount in Georgia just showed suddenly oh, my gosh, thousands of votes were uncovered most of which went to Donald Trump that somehow they missed the first round, so we’re open to doing whatever is necessary to make sure that this election happened in a proper way and again, every legal vote gets counted. ”

Trump has struck out on this effort. Republican-controlled legislatures in Pennsylvania and Michigan have refused to participate in Trump’s coup. The endless lawsuits are part of a two-pronged strategy. Trump is trying to get state legislatures involved, while he also is trying to find anything that he can take to the Supreme Court in the hope that the conservative majority will overturn the election.

The Trump campaign isn’t hiding it. They are trying to overturn the will of the people and steal an election.

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