Republican Governor Larry Hogan Tells Trump To Stop Golfing And Concede


Gov. Larry Hogan (R-MD) told Trump to get off of the golf course and concede the presidential election that he lost to Joe Biden.

Hogan tweeted:


Hogan was responded to an attack from Trump that included a retweet of a Breitbart article.

The majority of the nation agrees with Gov. Hogan. It is time for Trump to concede. Trump is trying desperately to hold on to control of the Republican Party as he is openly plotting to announce a 2024 presidential run before he leaves office.

Hogan has been long thought to be one of the Republicans who will run for the presidential nomination, so the Twitter barbs could be a preview of coming attractions within the Republican Party. Not all Republicans are going to lay down for Trump and hand him the 2024 nomination.

The chorus against Trump from within the party is getting louder. It is time to move on, and moving on means Donald Trump admits reality and gets out of the White House.

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