Trump’s Election Lawyers Just Melted Down And Started Attacking Each Other

Trump’s election lawyers are attacking each other now and fighting over who is really on the election legal team.

After Sidney Powell accused Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp of crimes, Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis said that Powell doesn’t work on the election challenge.

Kaitlin Collins of CNN tweeted:

The entire Trump legal challenge has become a national laughingstock. Giuliani and Ellis disavowed Powell after she appeared at a press conference with them on Friday.

Sidney Powell accused Bernie Sanders and Brian Kemp of conspiring in a cover-up to steal the election from Donald Trump. Powell has been pushing the debunked Dominion voting machines conspiracy theory that Trump adores. Trump’s legal team has lost almost three dozen challenges to the election, and now they are attacking each other.

It’s time to pack this circus up and send it home. Before election day people were afraid that Trump would mount a serious challenge to the results and plunge the nation into a constitutional crisis. Instead, Trump has put together a legal defense that looks just like his delusional and failed presidency.

Incompetence defined Trump’s presidency, and it is the hallmark characteristic of his efforts to challenge the election of Joe Biden.

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