Adam Schiff Blasts Emily Murphy For Appeasing Trump While Jeopardizing America


House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff told Emily Murphy to stop flattering and appeasing Trump.

Chairman Schiff wrote in a letter to Murphy, “Our democracy and the orderly transition of power from one president to another must not be undermined by the inexplicable unwillingness of one candidate to accept the clear results of an election or the inaction of government officials such as yourself. President Trump’s efforts to overturn the people’s mandate have been uniformly unsuccessful, consisting of frivolous lawsuits and outrageous and baseless conspiracy theories. It is past time for you to put the interests of the American people above gratifying his vanity or appeasing his desire to overturn the election. I should not need to remind you that your oath is only to the Constitution of the United States, and not to any President or party.”

Chairman Schiff also warned Murphy about the dangers that her blocking of Biden’s transition present to national security.


House Democrats are turning up the heat on Murphy on all fronts. Michigan has now certified Joe Biden’s win. Donald Trump has no path to a second term. It is time for supposed public servants like Emily Murphy to put their country first and ensure and peaceful and orderly transition of power.

The walls are closing in on Murphy, and soon she will have no choice but to let the transition begin.

Read Schiff’s full letter to Murphy below:


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