GSA’s Emily Murphy Refuses To Brief Congress On Biden Transition Block


GSA Administrator Emily Murphy has refused to brief Congress on why she is blocking the Biden transition.

Kristen Holmes of CNN tweeted:


The Rep. Katie Porter/Emily Murphy showdown that so many on the left were excited to see is not happening. Murphy is revealing herself to not only be a Trump loyalist, but also a coward who is refusing to appear before Congress and explained why she is blocking the Biden transition from beginning.

The House needs to subpoena Murphy immediately.

Murphy is trying to run out the clock until the election is certified by the Electoral College on December 14. She isn’t a dedicated public servant who is trying to do the right thing for the country. She is a Trump loyalist who is putting pleasing Donald Trump ahead of doing what is right for the nation.

Forget a peaceful transfer of power. Under Emily Murphy, there has been no transition to a transfer of power at all.

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