Democratic Hopes For Senate Takeover Grow As Georgia Sets Absentee Ballot Record


The Senate runoff elections have already shattered absentee ballot request records in the state of Georgia.

Nicole Carr of WSB tweeted:


By the way, the rumors that Georgia is doing a massive voter purge before the runoff are false:

Republicans sounded the alarms before the presidential election about Georgia, and they turned to be correct. Joe Biden carried the state. Republicans are again sounding the same alarms about the runoff elections. Trump has started a civil war between Republicans in Georgia, and many Trump supporters are choosing to write in Trump’s name instead of voting for either Republican Senate incumbent.

The Senate runoffs are showing signs of the same pattern that turned Georgia blue for Joe Biden. Absentee ballots favor Democrats in the state. Republicans may have to rely on a massive same day special election turnout.

There is a huge problem brewing in Georgia for Republicans. Anyone who assumes that these elections will be formalities and that the Republicans are assured of control of the Senate have not been paying attention.

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